Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peppermint Oil - Here's another nugget of great info

One drop of peppermint essential oil on your tongue will keep mosquitoes away. Holly Draper shared the following experience... her husband and son were camping in the High Unitas and both put a drop of peppermint oil on their tongues, offered it to the rest of the group but they all had "Off" etc and declined. 
They were the only ones in the camp with not one single bite.  

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Mosquito Bites and Sunburns

I hope you're all having a terriffic summer! 

The number one question I am getting this summer is "Is there anything effective for mosquito repellant?"  Well I have fantastic news...Yes there is.  Peppermint oil is a great insect repellant.  I put it to the test last year while camping we found the most beautiful area in the mountains with a little stream running by.  We set up camp and quickly realized we had placed our camp in the most mosquito infested place I had ever seen.  I got out my peppermint and thought I'd give it a try (I'll be honest...I had my Deep Woods Off as a back up because I wasn't sure about the peppermint!).

So I had all my kids older than 3 years of age take one drop of peppermint on the back of their hand and lick it into their mouths, swish it, and swallow it.  You'll put it on the back of their hand just to make sure you get only one drop.  Peppermint is very strong and you won't want more than one drop of it in your mouth.  If you just pour the bottle into your mouth you are risking getting more than you bargained for.  The peppermint takes only a few minutes to get into the blood stream.  I was amazed.  Not one of my 6 family members got one single bite and we were in the mist of great swarms of mosquitos, the likes of which I had never seen!  It's so much better than spraying everyone down with all the chemicals of the insect sprays!

NOTE: For the little ones you will take a drop of peppermint in your palms, rub them together and then gently rub over the baby's hair, shoulders, and back (over their clothes).  You actually won't want to get peppermint near the baby's face, or chest, or skin, it can cause serious problems with little ones because peppermint has such high menthol content.  Also be very careful not to get the peppermint in your eyes.  It really burns and will make them water.

Now this is all we use as insect repellant and I am always amazed at how well it works. 

And if you do happen to get a mosquito bite -- what is the best oil to use?  Peppermint again.  A drop of peppermint neat applied to the bite will stop itching and burning almost instantly and you will forget the bite altogether.  

Now is also the season for sunburns, and if you haven't tried essential oils to treat a sunburn you are really missing out!
Here's my Amazing Sunburn Relief Recipe:
8 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops peppermint essential oil
1 tsp. grapeseed oil
Mix together well and apply gently to sunburned skin.

Now I know you've been told not to put oil on a sunburn.  But please just try this remedy.  You will never use anything else because nothing works as well as this!  It is so cooling and soothing for a sunburn.  It takes the pain and redness out and best of all, if you are consistant with the application, it will not peel!

Try it, you'll be amazed!

I hope you're all having a great summer!!  Take care of your loved ones, and use essential oils...THEY'RE AMAZING!!!!

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