Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wendy DeWitt Food Storage Presentation on YouTube and Printable Booklet

You can’t do a Google search on food storage and not see Wendy DeWitt’s name.  She is a well-known and respected lecturer on preparedness, and specifically food storage.  

She has created a food storage method around planned meals to suit your family size.  

Wendy has love for vacuum sealing, which she also demonstrates.
Personally I think you should purchase a "Pump n' Seal" - ( ) simply because it is non-electric and actually works better than any of the electric vacuum sealers.
The food saver food sealer foodsaver.

You can click below for copies of her “Everything Under the Sun” book on food storage. The downloadable video of her seminar (that refers to the book) is linked below.  

DeWitt is a wealth of knowledge on food storage, and she has been using these methods for over 20 years. She generously shares her wisdom and experience by offering these resources at no cost.  The seminar is in 9 parts on YouTube.  

Click to download Wendy DeWitt’s printable presentation:  EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN 2010 VERSION

The seminar can also be downloaded, and burned to a disk here.

Once again, let's not talk about my non skills at getting youtubes to post. So, I'll just give you the links to the 9 videos.

I was at this presentation and it was wonderful. She has lots of information you can use. Don't miss out on downloading her booklets. They are a great addition to your storage notebook.

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