Friday, July 1, 2011

First Presidency: Many Do Not Recognize Either Him (Satan) or His Methods

“Satan is making war against all the wisdom that has come to men through their ages of experience. He is seeking to overturn and destroy the very foundations upon which society, government, and religion rest. He aims to have men adopt theories and practices which he induced their forefathers, over the ages, to adopt and try, only to be discarded by them when found unsound, impractical, and ruinous. He plans to destroy liberty and freedom–economic, political, and religious, and to set up in place thereof the greatest, most widespread, and most complete tyranny that has ever oppressed man. He is working under such perfect disguise that many do not recognize either him or his methods... Without their knowing it, the people are being urged down paths that lead only to destruction. Satan never before had so firm a grip on this generation as he has now.”

(“Message of the First Presidency,” The Improvement Era, Nov. 1942, p. 761.)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Easy Snack Bag Tutorial

Instead of spending money for someone else to make ... Use your scraps and make your own Snack Bags.

As an aside note. WHAT IF ... prices on everything just keeps going up, but your wages don't go up to meet the rising prices? Do you see that happening? Then make what you can and buy what you can't. I remember a  slogan.  Buy hard, sew easy. This is a "sew easy" project. Depending how old you are or where you live in the world. You may remember a time before plastic sandwich bags, when everything was wrapped in waxed paper, put in glass bowls, or foil. 

Easy to Make - Homemade Pepperoni with No Nitrates!

Tammy's Spicy Pepperoni

Save some money and your health. Make your own pepperoni. Be provident with your own money. You spent your time earning the money, be provident about spending your money. Don't pay for something you can make so easily. 

It doesn't take much sodium nitrite, for example, to greatly increase a person's risk of pancreatic cancer of colon cancer. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brigham Young on Gold and Wheat

“Were I to ask the question, how much wheat or anything else a man must have to justify him in letting it go to waste, it would be hard to answer; figures are inadequate to give the amount. Never let anything go to waste.

Rocket Stoves - Use a small amount of twigs to get a huge amount of heat.

A great idea when using your Rocket Stove is to light it by using long taper candles to light your twigs. It will save you on matches and frustration. Or to be really provident ... roll up a sheet of newspaper, light the end and use it to light the twigs. A long piece of cardboard will do the same thing. 

We purchased the Stove-tech rocket stove, but there are others out on the market.

Did you know...

if you soak rice for a half an hour, you can cook it in 8-10 minutes and conserve your fuel. Great idea.

Variety in Your Food Storage is a Good Thing

This post comes from "Utah Preppers Ready For Anything" It's a perfect example of too much of a good thing. It made me smile, because we have ALL done something we look back and laugh about in our adventures in "Food Storage Land". Most of us still have that overstock of something we don't even want today, or EVER again! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tomatoes - Will you can or dry them this year?

I'll give you my answer to that question. I'll  be drying them.  For the past years I've spent hours and hours canning tomatoes for days. Making diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, tomato juice, ketchup, BBQ sauce and more. You get the idea! I had tomatoes, tomatoes, and tomatoes at my house. Also, all the sloppy juice and mess. Oh, what a mess they are! Then last year AFTER canning all my tomatoes I got this information from Diane at "Heart to Heart with Diane"  not to can them but ... to dry them.

Sweet Yeast Bread, the No Knead Way!

Yet another simple no knead bread recipe from "Heart to Heart with Diane" Diane even got me to try eggplant and her recipe was yummy! So, be sure to try her Sweet Yeast Bread for a tasty treat.

Recipes can be easily adapted to your storage items if you plan ahead and store items like dehydrated eggs, cinnamon, etc. Gather your recipes you and your family loves, and start storing the ingredients you need. Our Heavenly Father does not want you to be without the foods you love. That is why he has given us ample time to prepare!

Now Try Gourmet Pizza! - Recipe

This is how I've been making my pizza dough for years now.  We like to make them as individual pizzas.  In our home I keep a bag of freshly made pizza shells in the cupboard so we can have pizza for dinner any time we are in the mood.

English Muffins, the Easy Way!

Heart to Heart With Diane shows us an easy way to make English Muffins with the no-knead bread recipe. Super simple with pictures and step by step instructions!

How To Test Seeds For Germination Rate

Granny Miller has easy information about testing seeds.
Last summer for the first time my husband and I grew a very rare variety of heritage field corn known as Early Butler.

We are growing the corn for animal feed because it has a very high protein content and is a short season corn which is perfect for northern homesteads or farms.

Home Canning Meat Instructions by a Pro

I have been following Granny Miller for several years, and I've learned how to do so many different things that I had never thought of with canning. I've only been canning since I moved to Utah. In California you buy fresh from the farmers stands almost year round. I didn't know anyone who canned, nor did we have canning supplies in our grocery stores. Canning meat is so simple. It's always ready when you are. And if you don't have any fresh meat to feed your family, what a treat canned meat will be!

Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage

I hope you aren't making these mistakes ... if you are, let's correct them now. It's much easier to make corrections now, when you have the opportunity. 

Printed in the Nov/Dec 1995 Issue of The Preparedness Journal

By Vicki Tate

A month or two ago I met a cute little gal who was talking to me about her newly begun food storage. "You know," she began, "I've dreaded doing my storage for years, it seems so blah, but the way national events are going my husband and I decided we couldn't put it off anymore.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here's a book from USU Extension on bread making

Download and print the big book on Bread Making. Lots of great information about making bread in Utah with it's high elevation. Believe me making bread here is different than making it in California.

We Cannot Achieve Unity by Remaining Silent - H. Verlan Andersen


There is probably no subject about which there is more dispute, disagreement, and contention than that of politics. Because of this, some may abstain from political activity. Others may desist for fear they might offend. Recognizing that this is a highly controversial subject, and that they might lose friends, business patronage, or social standing by becoming involved, they remain aloof.

A Moral Challenge to the West – A World Wide Battle - by Ezra Taft Benson

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, delegates and guests: You accord me a great honor by  extending this invitation to address you at your Third International Freedoms Conference. Although I could not be with you at your first or second conferences because of other duties, I have received favorable reports of the proceedings. I commend you for your efforts and declared purposes. The swift passage of time is funneling us into a situation where we of the free world must make an unequivocal choice. A choice that must be made now! The choice: Will we live in freedom … or suffer under the grinding heel of oppression. The tidal wave of Marxism is sweeping across the world, extinguishing the lamps of freedom one by one. And the nations of the free world seem powerless to do anything about it.

Quote from President John Taylor

"And they will tear away one plank of liberty after another, until the whole fabric will totter and fall; and many other nations will be cast down and empires destroyed; and this nation will have to suffer as others will. And it will be as Joseph Smith once said, “When all others forsake the Constitution, the Elders of this Church will rally around the standard and save its tattered shreds.” We will come to its rescue and proclaim liberty to all men." (Journal of Discourses 20:357)

Do you stand up for the constitution now?
Do you know what the constitution is?
How many rights have you gladly given up already?