Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Pickles this Year?

It's almost pickle time. I know I'm excited. Last year I made Dill Pickles and we are almost out of the quart jars. They were so good you could just sit and eat pickles. But this year I'm going to double the cases I did last year, and I'm adding sweet pickles to my store. 

Are you as excited as I am? I'm going to try two new recipes this year. 

I even planted dill weed so I could grow my own and not have to worry about buying from someone else. I know that Chirine at www.AlpineFoodStorage.com who I buy my pickling cukes from gave away two huge watermelon boxes full of Dill Weed last year, and she ran out so quickly. Women were grabbing it like wild loons. It was a sight to see. She couldn't understand it, but when I explained how much I had to pay, and how hard it was to obtain she fully understood. Then she laughed and said she could have made a fortune off of the woman, but had given it all away, just because they had bought cases of pickling cukes. 

I was able to get a few heads from her, purchased some, and then had to supplement with dill seeds. But, this year...I grew my own. Let me tell you it's growing like a weed in my garden. Wait, maybe that's why they call it Dill Weed. When I go out and look at my Dill Weed it just makes me excited, thrilled, and just plain elated to know that pickle time is coming and I'm all ready with Dill Weed that I've grown myself. That will certainly save me a few dollars!

I know that everyone who has been canning for years has their own favorite pickle recipes. But for those of you who are new to pickling, or are looking for some more recipes and ideas. I found a wonderful 64 page manual on all the tips, tricks and recipes for pickling and brining thanks to The University of Wisconsin Extension.

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