Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Rid of Earwigs or Not. It's up to you.

I've noticed that it's the season for earwigs in the garden. They hop aboard your pant legs and come into the house. Yuck! So .... if you'd like to get rid of them in the garden there is an easy non-toxic way, and you won't have "friends" visiting indoors. They have a useful purpose outside, but I certainly don't like them in my home. 

It's the Season for Apples


Almost any apple can be enjoyed when eaten fresh. However, not all apples are ideal for the kitchen. 

Below is a chart with some of the best baking and cooking apples in North America. 

Note: When it comes to cooking with apples, it may be helpful to know the following:

Storing Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

Learn how to store your vegetables, fruits, and herbs, especially at harvest time!


Never leave apples in a bowl on the counter if you want them to keep. Apples keep well for about 6 months at temperatures between freezing and 45°F. If you don't have a root cellar, a double cardboard box in a cool mudroom or cellar can approximate the conditions.