Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Storage Math - WHAT WOULD YOU REALLY USE...

How many cups are in a portion of storage items?
Ever thought about it? 
How often do you want to serve it to your family? 

Simply multiplying that out gives you a real amount of how much of that product to store for your family. 

If you use your storage daily just keep adding to it. 

There are 70 cups of rice in 25 pounds. If you were to use 2 cups of rice per use, 5 times in a week, that would be 10 cups of rice. Times that by 52 weeks makes 520 cups of rice per year. Divide that by 70 cups per 25 pounds and rounding it up makes you need ( 8 ) 25 lb. bags or 200 lbs to cook that much rice in a year. 

If you were exclusively using storage that amount of rice would not feed very many people. So, you should store far more; but this gives you an idea of how to get YOUR amount to STORE.

Here are some other amounts:

5.5 lbs (one cannery can of wheat ) grinds into 20 cups of flour

a 5 gallon bucket of wheat holds 33 lbs so it will grind into 100 cups of flour

there are 100 cups of flour in 25 lbs of white flour

same thing with 25 lbs of corn meal - 100 cups

Rice and Beans both have 70 cups per 25 lbs.

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