Friday, June 24, 2011

Can Opener Musings by Melody Barber

So we've been storing hundreds of #10 cans. We've also been counseled to get a 3-month supply of ready to eat foods, which is adding many more cans to our supply. Have you thought about making sure that you always have a way to get those cans open? 

I'm here to tell you that all can openers are not created equal. I bought a few of the cheaper Swing-Away look-alikes and, I kid you not, a couple of them broke the first time I used them! I don't think in my whole life I had ever actually had a can opener break! The gear piece just fell right off! So what will happen if we're in the midst of actually having to use the food we've stored and our can opener breaks! I've done some research on can openers, and I'm going to share what I've found with you. This is based on my own experience and that of some other people I know.  

A. One of the favorite can openers for every day can opening is the trusted Swing-Away. But watch out! Like I mentioned before, you want to make sure you get the real ones (ie. "Made in USA"). 

Macey's sells the USA made Swing Away

B. Heavy Duty Industrial Can Opener--Old Reliable

Next on the list is a heavy duty restaurant style can opener. I actually bought one of these. If I ever get to where I'm using the #10 cans on a consistent basis, I'll have my husband mount it somewhere for more permanent use. I don't want to wear out my smaller can openers on those big cans, and I certainly don't want to put in any more effort than I have to--especially if the children have left home by then! You can actually find these on ebay. Make sure if you look for one, though, that you get one that will accommodate the taller cans.

C. The P-51's

These are awesome! You can buy them in lots of 100 for about $50 for the lot, making them 50 cents apiece. They are like the can openers you find on pocket knives. I bought a bunch of these and I've tried them out. Highly recommended. If all else failed (and only then, b/c they are more work!), these would do the job!

D. Pampered Chef Smooth-edge Can Opener

Another favorite among many is the smooth-edge can opener. Pampered Chef has one and there are some other companies that make them. They are nice in that they leave a smooth edge around the top of the can, so I can't accidentally cut my fingers--and neither can the children. I really like mine, but I've found that there are some cans that they don't work on, which is another reason to keep several kinds around.

So that's what I think about can openers. I suggest that if you haven't done so, you start thinking about them, too!

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