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We Eat Clay (And Wear it, too)

I went to a class several years ago with my sister-in-law. The topic was Clay. I was very skeptical, especially about eating or drinking it. Ummm, that's dirt! Who eats dirt on purpose? After the class I bought a small container and I've never looked back. Since then I've bought buckets of Redmond's Clay and have used it to heal my family and pets. 

We all know the stories of Christ healing with clay don't we? Well, NEW FLASH ... it works!

We have used it for burns, stings, bites, foot baths, ingrown toenails, and lots more. It really does work, and takes just pennies.

I had an infection on my shine bone, and nothing I did worked and the pain very intense. I slathered on some clay wrapped it in cloth and covered it in packing tape to keep the moisture in and it on my leg while I was sleeping, working, etc. I left it on and after two days the pain was gone. The angry inflamed redness was gone. The infection was gone, and I've never been bothered since. 

We reach for Redmond's Clay when we need to heal our bodies.  I just use my scraps of fabric leftover from a sewing project, because why spending money on large bandages. If the area is small that a regular band-aide will cover it, then I just put a smear of Redmond's Gel on the band-aide and forget about it for a day.

I just wanted to let you know about the great benefits that we have seen because of the clay, perhaps if you are interested you will also be able to reap the same rewards. I have posted the booklet that is given out at the classes and can also be downloaded at the Redmond's Clay site.

We Eat Clay (And Wear it, too)

(Personal stories of the healing results of Redmond Clay)
By N eal E. Bosshardt

Disclaimer: This booklet is to provide information in regard to users’ experiences with Redmond Clay. This booklet describes the opinions and experiences of the author. The author is not liable for the misconception or misuse of the information provided. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any injury or disease. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused directly or indirectly by the information contained herein. This information is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult a health care professional.

First Printed October 2003
Revised August 2008
.. Introduction
1. How Did We Start “Eating Clay”
2. What is Clay?
3. Historical Uses of Medicinal Clay
4. How to Use REDMOND CLAY.
5. Case Histories
6. Conclusion


My goal in writing this booklet is not to produce a highly technical document explaining all the intricate details of the geological aspects of clay; there are books that do that and some are listed in the appendix. Nor is it to explain in detail everything about all the healing qualities that I have seen come from clay; I do not believe that such explanations are even possible.

The goal of this book is simply to give the readers enough information to enable them to benefit from the wonders of this natural product. I have kept this booklet small on purpose so that no one would delay receiving the benefits of clay while waiting to finish a lengthy book. For the person who wants to read volumes on clay, those volumes are available. My desire is to give an overview so brief that people will read it, so simple that anyone can understand it, and so down to earth that everyone can relate to it.

I don’t fault anyone for questioning how this natural clay can produce such miraculous results; there was no one more skeptical than I was in 1975 when I was introduced to the concept of eating our clay. But now after experiencing the healing effects of clay, I would like to apologize to Raymond Dextreit, the French homeopath who wrote OUR EARTH, OUR CURE, for my skeptical attitude. He was years ahead of his time. 

Nothing in this book should be taken as medical advice. REDMOND CLAY is NOT approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) for any medical use and does not replace competent medical attention.

Chapter 1: How Did we Start “Eating Clay”?

The white, mineral deposit that came to be known as REDMOND CLAY was here as a white outcropping on the farm property my grandfather purchased in the early 1930's. A few people had been using it medicinally even before we owned it. One local fellow, Joe Blix, had so much success treating animals that it was called “Blix’s Mud” and he was called Dr. Blix even though he had had no medical training. Our family used it externally for medicinal applications for bee stings and infections. My father says when he was a small boy, he had an infection in his hand with a red streak going up his arm to the armpit. My grandparents packed the wound in a poultice made of the clay and overnight the red streak was drawn out. However in those days, no one ever considered using the clay internally.

In 1974 a book entitled OUR EARTH, OUR CURE was translated from French into English. Written by Raymond Dextreit, a French homeopath, it told of the wonderful healing properties of certain types of clay. He said that the right type of clay would bring the body into balance. He said the right kind of clay was a ‘living’ substance because of how it would respond to the organism. He made such miraculous claims for natural clay that we laughed and laughed. It was too much like ‘snake oil’ to believe.

The health food stores carrying the French clay that Mr. Dextreit was recommending wanted to know if our clay would do what the French clay was said to do. We told them we didn’t know. They wanted to try it, so we selected a white vein in our deposit and pulverized it to the consistency of a fine powder. We had it analyzed to make sure it was not going to harm anyone and we checked with the FDA for their opinion. We found it contained nothing harmful and that by FDA standards, since it was basically a bentonite clay, it was considered G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe). We were told we could sell it as long as we made no medical claims. So we began to sell it under the name Orsa Clay; later we changed the name to REDMOND CLAY.

Over the next few months, as we encountered medical conditions which traditional medicine couldn’t fix, in desperation we tried our Redmond Clay. In every case it worked just like Mr. Dextreit had said it would. Over the past 30 years, we have used it for diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, stomachache, acid indigestion, hiatal hernias, acid reflux, diverticulitis, colitis, roto-virus, and h-pylori bacteria. We have used it externally for cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, boils, infections, rashes, eczema, arthritis, acne, and burns just to name a few of the things it has helped. 

Because it has worked so well, now we use first for relief rather than after traditional medicine has failed. Consequently we keep it mixed up ready to use; we keep it in the kitchen cupboard, the bathroom cupboard, the trunk of the car, under the seat in the truck, and in the first aid kit.

Though we have seen it do many amazing things, we do not feel we have used it to its maximum capacity. Just as the computer on my desk is capable of doing more than I actually use it for, according to Mr. Dextreit, the clay could do much more for us. It doesn’t benefit us more because we have not chosen to use it for more, but for what we have used it for, we have been totally impressed and grateful. It is not a cureall, and there have been a few times when people have said it hasn’t helped. But of this we can assure you: in 30 years of using it, we have never seen anyone have an allergic reaction and we have never seen anyone who was worse off from using the clay.

Chapter 2: What is Clay?

There are dozens of volumes that describe the details of the hundreds of different types of clay in terms of geological formation, mineral composition, and physical characteristics. If the reader wants those facts, they are available in other works. My goal is simply to give you an overview sufficient to enable you to benefit from the product. Be aware that not all scientists agree on many of the details regarding clays, especially in terms of medical benefits. You will find many differing opinions, so any attempt to completely understand the how and why of clay’s healing properties will not be resolved easily. In the most simple of terms, clay is a natural earthy material, which becomes gooey when wet. I would suggest that you think of clay as a large family of minerals, and within that family, there are sub families, one of which is montmorillonite. In the montmorillonite family, there are sub families, one of which is bentonite. In the bentonite family, there is sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite, each having different properties. According to geologists sodium bentonite is volcanic ash that fell in seawater; calcium bentonite is volcanic ash which fell in fresh water. Even in the sodium bentonites, there are differences in properties and qualities.

Our product, REDMOND CLAY, is a combination of sodium and calcium type bentonites, but we don’t like to call it bentonite because of the number of people who have used other ‘bentonite’ with minimal results. Why is REDMOND CLAY so much more effective than other ‘bentonite’? We don’t know. Is it the best clay available? Again, we don’t know, but based on our experiences over the past 30 years and the experiences of our customers, REDMOND CLAY has healing properties that are amazing.

Chapter 3: Historical Uses of Medicinal Clay

Volumes have been written detailing how clay has been used for medicinal purposes over centuries of time without anyone ever being able to explain fully what makes it such a great healer. Those who have benefited from this natural product are those who were willing to leave scientific explanations aside and gratefully receive the benefits of the product. I am not advocating that people not examine the clay or try to learn how it works. We welcome any efforts to further expand the world’s knowledge of, and use of, clay as a healer. However, discovering the keys to clay’s healing secrets will not be easy. The analysis of its composition is not sufficient to explain its ability to achieve such amazing results. Knowledge of its physical properties does little as far as explaining the results people receive from it. Dr. Meyer-Camberg, a European doctor, stated in his work that clay takes care of any bad poisoning such as arsenic. Many doctors of antiquity, such as the Greek Dioscorides, the Arab Avicena, the Roman Pliny the Elder, and the Greek Galen all told of the wonders of  clay.

Several German naturopaths, including Kneipp, Kuhn, Just, and Felke used clay in their treatments. In the First World War, both Russian and French soldiers were issued clay as part of their rations. Even Mahatma
Gandhi advised the use of clay. Raymond Dextreit, author of Our Earth, Our Cure, details countless cases of clay accomplishing amazing healing results. He states: “that clay acts symbiotically in the body; since it is impossible to see and control what happens with living organisms, we are limited to hypotheses. evertheless, clay’s action and the results obtained permit a rather precise idea of its properties. In this way, it is  remarkable for its organo-therapeutic value”. Many reports have been documented of animals going to natural
clay deposits to self- medicate themselves when sick. People studying the habits of animals in the wild have found many beneficial clay deposits that have been used by animals. We know of livestock producers who make bentonite available to their animals because they will eat it free choice when sick. 

The question logically comes up: if clay is so good for healing, why does the world’s medical community not promote it? Why haven’t extensive tests been done proving the validity of the many claims made for clay? The answer can be given in one word: MONEY and I will show an example. A fellow who had been taking an ulcer medication for three years at four pills a day @ $.50 per pill heard about Redmond Clay. He decided to try it because his ulcer had not gotten any better even though he had spent $2190.00 on those pills. He bought one container of Redmond Clay for $8.00 and took it once a day for three weeks, then quit because he couldn’t tell he had an ulcer anymore. Six months later he made the comment “Redmond Clay did more in three weeks than the other medication had done in three years”. When asked if he was still taking the Redmond Clay, he said, “No, unless I am going to eat something that I haven’t been able to eat for years; then I take it just as a precaution.” The bottom line is this: How much research on an ulcer medicine can a company do for $8.00 per patient versus $2190.00 per patient? There is no economic future in promoting a natural, inexpensive product that can’t be patented.

Chapter 4: How to use REDMOND CLAY?

Here we will tell in general terms how to prepare the REDMOND CLAY for use in both internal and external applications. More details will be given in later chapters dealing with specific applications. Some of our instructions are taken from OUR EARTH, OUR CURE. We are indebted to that book for persuading us to use this natural product for healing. We have followed many of its suggestions, but many others we have ignored or changed based on our own findings of working with the clay. We have found that there are very few hard, fast rules when working with the clay. In fact we ignore many of the ‘rules’ outlined by Mr. Dextreit and still find the clay accomplishing everything that we want it to do. Maybe other clays are not so forgiving and Mr. Dextreit’s instructions would need to be followed if using them; but when using the REDMOND CLAY, we take great liberties and see no decrease in its effectiveness. Mr. Dextreit says not to store the clay in plastic; we store both the dry clay as well as the wet clay in plastic and have not seen any problems as long as the plastic containers have not had other material stored in them previously. Mr. Dextreit says not to use clay while taking traditional medicine, but we have customers who have taken both at the same time without any problems. Maybe there are medications that would react adversely with the REDMOND CLAY, but if so, we haven’t used any of them yet.

Mr. Dextreit says that because the clay draws toxins to itself, some conditions may appear worse before they get better when using clay. It makes sense, but we have never seen that happen except for acne; sometimes acne will seem to get worse before it gets better. One thing Mr. Dextreit is right about is to not leave metal in contact with the wet clay, as it will quickly rust.

To prepare the REDMOND CLAY for either internal or external use, mix it with enough water to make a gel about the consistency of mustard or ketchup. Usually a ratio of two cups of water to one cup of clay works well. Once mixed it will never dry out, separate, or go bad as long as you keep a tight lid on it. If it does dry out because the lid gets left off, simply add more water and stir up again. The REDMOND CLAY gel can be stored in the fridge, the cupboard, or car; heat and cold do not affect it. Keep the gel out of direct sunlight as it has been known to grow blue/green algae in sunlight.


The book OUR EARTH, OUR CURE says to mix 1 teaspoon of the dry powder clay in a half glass of water, stir it up, and let it sit 4 to 6 hours or even overnight. Then drink either the liquid off the top, or stir it up and drink the whole thing. It says some people find better results if they drink it first thing in the morning, some if they drink it last thing at night and others throughout the day. Some people stir the dry clay in the water and drink it immediately without waiting and find it works just as well as it does after letting it set. Maybe there are some clays that need to set for several hours to work, but REDMOND CLAY isn’t one of them.

Some people prefer to use the REDMOND CLAY in a gel form rather than the dry powder. If using the gel, mix 1 tablespoon of the gel in the glass of water and immediately drink the liquid off the top or the whole thing as described above. Using the gel simply eliminates the six hour wait, and some people say the taste is less noticeable.

The most convenient way to have the REDMOND CLAY available to take internally on a regular basis  without having to mix it up every day is to add 1/4 cup of the dry powder REDMOND CLAY to a two quart glass pitcher of water, stir it up and put it in the refrigerator. Within a few hours, the clay will settle to the  bottom and some of the water will be almost clear. Then drink the water on an as desired basis pouring off a glass at a time. When you start getting more solids off the bottom than you want to drink, wash the pitcher out and start over with a new batch. An alternative way when using this method is to stir the pitcher of water up each time, so that when the water is gone, the clay is gone as well. Again, the OUR EARTH, OUR CURE says that drinking the clear water off the top gives basically the same results as drinking the clay itself.

Although the book suggests taking the clay once a day, some people have taken the clay two or three times a day. Some people have taken the clay every day for several years as a mineral supplement or preventative measure; other people just take it as a first aid item when they feel they have a need.


There are many different ways of using the clay externally, but most all start out preparing the gel by mixing two parts water to one part of the dry REDMOND CLAY to make a gel the consistency of mustard. Apply that gel generously in a ½ inch to ¾ inch layer directly on the skin. An alternative that allows for more mobility is to apply the gel to a piece of cheese cloth and fold the cloth as if making a ‘burrito’. You can then pick up the clay wrapped in the cloth, place it anywhere on the body it is needed, and secure it to the skin with plastic wrap, a towel, or an ace bandage. After applying there are several options: UNCOVERED: Some people put on the clay and leave it uncovered so that it dries out within an hour or so depending on how thick the poultice is. As it dries, it will draw or pull. Wash the clay off before it is totally dry or it is hard to remove. COVERED WITH CLOTH: Covering the REDMOND CLAY with a cloth will hold it in place and cause the clay to dry slower. Doing this enables you to leave the clay on overnight or to walk around the house without getting wet clay all over the furniture. Re-wetting the cloth with water will slow the drying rate and cause more of a  cooling sensation. Again, remove the clay pack before it is totally dry and replace with new REDMOND CLAY gel if desired. COVERED WITH PLASTIC: Covering the REDMOND CLAY gel with plastic wrap or a plastic bag keeps the clay from drying out at all. This is critical if you are applying to a burn. Even though the clay doesn’t dry out, some people will wash the clay off and replace it once or twice a day. Other people have left the same pack on a burn for a couple of days until the burn was ‘just pink skin’. When removing the
clay gel from a wound, if you are going to immediately apply a new clay pack, it is not necessary to remove all the clay. Any clay that sticks to the wound can be left in place and simply covered with new clay.

USING THE DRY REDMOND CLAY: People say using it as baby powder causes diaper rash to disappear by the next diaper change. Some people feel that sprinkling the dry REDMOND CLAY on an open, infected wound causes more of a drawing/healing action than using the gel.


To make a clay bath for detoxifying, simply put a cupped handful (two to four ounces) of the dry REDMOND CLAY in a tub of water and soak for 30 to 45 minutes. Use water as hot as you can stand. If you don’t have access to a tub, you can achieve the same results by simply soaking your feet in a bucket of clay water. Use a bucket/basin of water as hot as you can stand and add 2-3 tablespoons of the dry clay. Soak for 30 – 45 minutes as with a bath. DO NOT REUSE THE WATER FOR ANYTHING. One lady thought she could use it to water her plants and she killed every plant in her house because of the toxins and heavy metals the clay had drawn from her body. If these directions leave you feeling uncomfortable because they are so vague, we are sorry, but we don’t apologize. As Dextreit said in his book, the clay responds to each individual organism so depending on the patient, the illness, and many other factors, there may not be a ‘best’ way to use the clay. Try different ways and find out which works best for your situation. With one exception there does not seem to be any ‘wrong’ way of using it so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. That one exception is DO NOT LET CLAY DRY ON A BURN. Keep it moist until it is time to wash it off.

Chapter 5: Case Histories __

I have often been asked how, and for what reasons, I have used the Redmond Clay. I have personally used the Redmond Clay, or have seen it used, for the following problems with beneficial results. However, since Redmond Clay is a natural product, the same results are not guaranteed for everyone.


Arthritis Acid Indigestion
Acne Acid Reflux/Heartburn
Athletes Foot Allergies/Hay fever
Bruises/Black eyes Colitis
Boils Constipation
Cold Sores/Fever blisters 
Food Poisoning
Diaper Rash
Ear Aches
 Hiatel Hernia
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Insect bites(spider,bee,chigger, scorpions, mosquito)
Crohn’s Disease 
Menstrual Cramps
Infections/including those Parasites with red streak to lymph node)
Roto Virus
Ingrown Toe Nails 
Stomach ache
Nail Fungus 
Poison Ivy/Stinging Nettle 
Scrapes/Road Rash
Sores that won't heal

The actual experiences are not told here as guarantees that everyone will have the same results. They are told merely to relate what other people have experienced with REDMOND CLAY. We have many more testimonials and some are more impressive than those listed here. We have chosen these because they can be told quickly. Some applications that are so common and routine, we have left out the details. To help the reader, we have listed the applications in alphabetical order with internal uses listed first and external uses second.



A co-worker says that drinking a glass of Redmond Clay water relieves acid reflux faster and more completely than anything else he has ever tried.


A woman from Canada called begging me to tell her that our Redmond Clay would help her colitis. It was so bad she had confined herself to her house rather than risk embarrassment in public. After a week of drinking the Redmond Clay water, she called us again in tears, but now they were tears of joy. She said she was having normal, controlled bowel movements and was free to travel again. A man with ulcerative colitis so bad that he was considering having part of his colon removed drank one to two quarts of Redmond Clay water
every day for a month. He felt so much better than he had been when he was taking up to 30 pills a day (including some steroids which had some nasty side effects) that he quit taking all medications and just  continued to drink the Redmond Clay water. After 6 months of being symptom free, he had a colonoscopy and they found his colon looked better than it had for ten years. The doctor said, “It is as if you had never had the disease”.


A woman taking prenatal vitamins with iron was so constipated she was having one bowel movement every week or ten days. After drinking the water off the Redmond Clay for three days, she began having natural,
easy, regular bowel movements on a daily basis and continued to do so during the rest of the pregnancy as long as she drank the clay water. 

A couple whose month old baby was constipated due to the formula that was supplementing their breast feeding, began mixing the formula with Redmond Clay water. All constipation went away and the baby had
normal bowel movements.


A woman was having up to 17 bowel movements each day, so uncontrolled that she had become  homebound. After a week of drinking Redmond Clay water, her bowels were totally controlled and normal.
She came to our office to thank us for giving her the ability to go out in public again without fear of embarrassment


A cross country ski instructor uses Redmond Clay routinely whenever he has students experiencing any signs of dehydration, nausea, or altitude sickness.

HEARTBURN: (See acid reflux)


A woman who suffered from Hiatel hernia found that drinking the Redmond Clay was the best thing she could do for relief.


A nurse whose 18th month old daughter experienced vomiting and diarrhea for a week figured the problem was viral. She took appropriate measures to keep her from becoming dehydrated, but after a week, she took her to the doctor since the little girl was no better. The doctor confirmed it was ‘roto-virus’ and said to keep doing what she was doing and that it should be over in another week. Upon the advice of the grandmother, the mother gave her daughter Redmond Clay water in her bottle. The girl fell asleep drinking it, slept for an hour, which was the longest she had slept all week, and woke up with the appetite of a horse. She ate 2 bowls of cereal and two slices of bread. She never threw up again and within a couple of days her diapers were normal.


Whenever our children complained of stomachache as they were growing up, we simply gave them a glass of Redmond Clay water. It always relieved the discomfort immediately and it was never necessary to give a second dose.

A man who had taken ulcer medicine for three years drank one glass of the Redmond Clay water a day for three weeks. Then he quit because he couldn’t tell he had an ulcer anymore. He told everyone “The Redmond
Clay did more in three weeks than the other medicine had done in three years”. Six months later when asked if he still took the Redmond Clay, he said “Only as a precaution when I am going to eat something I haven’t been able to eat in years!” Another fellow who was supposed to be scheduled for surgery for his bleeding ulcers decided to try the Redmond Clay first. To begin with he drank one glass of the Redmond Clay water twice a day, and also kept taking his regular ulcer medicine. After three days he felt so much better that he quit taking the prescription medicine. After a month he went in for an examination; all the bleeding ulcers had quit bleeding and all the small ulcers had disappeared. Six months later they couldn’t find any trace of any ulcer.


All of these applications use Redmond Clay Gel in a consistency like mustard or mayonnaise.


To use for acne, cover the entire face with a layer of the gel about the thickness of icing on a cake. Leave on for about 30 to 45 minutes; wash it off before it is totally dry. Many local teenagers have called it ‘zit killer’. One 15 year old boy had been using the Redmond Clay on a regular basis for his complexion and had no blemishes at all. Then he went on vacation and camping trips for three weeks in a row. After three weeks without using it, his face was full of blemishes especially along the hairline of the forehead. He used the Redmond Clay every night for two weeks and was completely blemish free. A 16 year old boy who had a very bad complexion used the Redmond Clay every night for 6 weeks. His complexion cleared up so well that people thought he was using the acne medicine acutane.


A man who was spending up to $70 per month for arthritis medication for his injured knee that had required several surgeries packed his knee in a thick layer of Redmond Clay Gel. He wrapped it in plastic wrap and applied an ace bandage above and below the knee to hold it in place. He kept it packed like that for one day. His knee was pain free for the first time in several years and remained pain free until cold weather set in.


Several people have said how much it reduces or eliminates the burning and itching and redness of athlete’s foot.


A man pushed his hand into a wasp’s nest. He was stung so many times his hand just throbbed. He put on a thick layer of Redmond Clay Gel and covered the hand with a towel to hold it in place. Within 20 minutes the intense pain was gone; within two hours it was as if he hadn’t even been stung.


A young man broke his nose in a wrestling accident. He was told at the hospital that he would have two black eyes for a week and he was given a prescription for pain pills. He packed his entire face in Redmond Clay Gel about one half inch thick covering the nose, sinus area, cheeks, and forehead. As long as his face was packed in the clay, he could breathe without difficulty and he was not troubled with pain. He had no swelling and his eyes never discolored at all.

When using Redmond Clay Gel on burns, use a ½ to 1 inch thick layer and keep moist by covering with plastic wrap or a wet towel. DO NOT LET THE CLAY DRY ON A BURN!

A mother, whose 4 year old daughter put her hand on a hot plate right after it had been turned off, covered the hand with Redmond Clay gel then sat down in a rocking chair with the crying infant. The child fell asleep within 10 to 15 minutes. The mother covered the clay with a plastic bag to keep it from drying out and put the child to bed where she slept through the night. The next day they left the bag on all day and the child was completely pain free. That night, 24 hours after the accident, they removed the bag and washed the hand. It looked so good they never did another thing to it. Two days later the only visible sign on the hand was a pink ‘smiley face’ line where the skin had actually peeled off and stuck to the stove. 

A man who had burned himself with an acetylene torch put a ¾ inch layer of Redmond Clay Gel on it and covered it with plastic wrap. He noticed the pain was gone within twenty minutes. Two days later it looked like a sunburn that had peeled.


A lady was sewing clothes and got her finger under the needle. The needle hit the bone, shattered, and tore a hole in the side of her finger. She put a tablespoon of the Redmond Clay gel in the corner of a sandwich bag and put her finger into it. Within twenty minutes she had no sensation of pain. She left the clay in place for twenty-four hours and the finger was basically healed.

A man working on a sewer pipe tore a large piece of skin from his finger on a jagged piece of broken plastic pipe. He put his finger in wet clay in a sandwich bag and within 15 minutes the pain was gone. During the next twelve hours with the clay in place, he experienced no sensation of pain. He removed the clay. Within two hours the finger was throbbing so much he replaced the clay and kept it in place for the next twentyfour hours. As long as the clay was on the wound, he was pain free.


A lady who was experiencing a lot of pain from nerve damage left by a case of shingles earlier in her life soaked her feet every night in foot baths using the Redmond Clay. Within three days she was so pain free she was sleeping through the night and felt better than she had for twenty years. She told her friends of the result and several of them soaked their feet and had similar results. (Note: she was also the one who killed her house plants with the water from the foot baths.)

Our son had arthroscopic abdominal surgery and the doctor told him that in two or three days his shoulders would hurt from the CO2 gas that was used during the operation. Three days after the surgery his shoulders were really hurting just the doctor had said. We had him do a clay foot bath using two tablespoons of the Redmond Clay. His feet had not been in the water 15 minutes when he said “Hey, my shoulders don’t hurt anymore”.


Our daughter grew up seeing how the dry Redmond Clay eliminated diaper rash on her younger siblings. Now as a young mother she uses it for baby powder on her own children. When her friends comment that they are having a struggle keeping diaper rash under control, she will give them some of the dry powder Redmond Clay as a sample and within a day, all the redness and discomfort are gone.

A mother left her infant son in the care of his grandparents for a few hours. They forgot the child was lactose intolerant so gave him some milk. When she returned home a few hours later, the child was crying, so she changed his diaper and was shocked to see the diaper area enflamed and covered with large watery blisters. She covered the entire area with the Redmond Clay gel and applied a new diaper. Two hours later she changed that diaper and the blisters were gone and it was as if there had never been a problem.


A lady who had been treated with ‘everything in the book’ was finally told that she would just have to learn to live with her eczema. She drank the Redmond Clay water and also applied the gel topically to the affected area every day for about an hour. Within a week the eczema was gone from her hands and almost gone from her feet. It totally went away in the next two weeks and never came back.

FACIALS (See Acne)


A man who cut his thigh with a chain saw had the wound stitched back together, but a couple of days later he had a bright red streak going up his leg to the groin. He packed the wound in Redmond Clay Gel, covered it with a towel, and left it in place overnight. The next morning the red streak was gone. 

My father had a red streak going up his arm from an infection in his hand. His parents packed it in Redmond Clay Gel, covered it with a towel to hold it in place, and overnight the red streak was gone.

MOSQUITO BITES (See spider bites)


When dealing with shingles, we have found that the longer one has had the shingles before using Redmond Clay, the longer it will take to get rid of them. The rule seems to be if you have had the shingles three days, it will take three days of Redmond Clay to rid of them. If you have had them for a week, then it will take a week. If it has been longer than a month before using the Redmond Clay, it may take a long, long time before it gets rid of them. So the guideline is, the sooner the better. A man from Phoenix had a case of shingles so painful he said it felt like a red hot poker was being stuck through the small of his back. He packed his back in Redmond Clay Gel each night for three nights and the shingles were gone. 

A lady had had shingles for a week before packing the affected area in Redmond Clay Gel. She packed them every day for a couple of hours and held the clay in place with plastic wrap. The shingles were gone in a week.


A lady fell in a parking lot and badly skinned her knee. She went to the doctor and had it cleaned up, but three weeks later it was still sore and oozing fluid. She put a poultice of Redmond Clay Gel on it, covered it with a towel, and left it on overnight. The next day as she took off the poultice and turned it over, she saw a piece of glass embedded in the clay that the clay had drawn out of the wound. With the glass out of the knee, it healed within two days.

A lady in Arizona kneeled down in her garden and felt a bite from a spider. She caught the spider and took it to the hospital with her where it was identified as a Brown Recluse. They treated the bite but told her there would be an extensive recovery period. After keeping the bite packed in Redmond Clay for two days, she said it was totally healed. 

A fellow was bitten on the forearm by a Brown Recluse spider and in spite of being treated by a doctor, the wound continued to get worse. After two weeks a large part of the center of the wound looked like raw hamburger. A friend applied REDMOND CLAY to the wound and a week later it was 90% healed. A week after that it was totally healed except for just a small nickel size darker spot in the center.

A lady fell down stairs and badly twisted her ankle. She thought it was broken so she went to the hospital where x-rays showed a bad sprain. By packing her ankle in Redmond Clay Gel for the next two days, her pain was minimal and there was no swelling. A few years later she twisted the same ankle worse than before. Thinking it was broken, she went to the hospital where x-rays showed a bad sprain. Again, by packing it in Redmond Clay, the pain was minimal. A week later the hospital called to say they had looked at the x-rays again. They said, “ You really did break your ankle, and it is broken right next to where you had broken it before”.


A friend of mine had spent two weeks and $300 trying to heal her daughter’s sty and it was not getting any better. She decided to try using Redmond Clay. They covered it with a poultice of Redmond Clay for a few hours each day and it was healed within a couple of days.

6. Conclusion: __

I hope this has been useful and that those people out there who have problems that the clay can help will have the courage to try it. I would love to hear from users detailing their experiences with the Redmond Clay so that I can add such stories to our files. If you have specific questions you would like to discuss, please contact me at the address below.

If you would like to read more details on clay, we would suggest the following books:

EARTH CURES (formerly published as Our Earth, Our Cure) by Raymond Dextreit
THE HEALI(G POWER OF CLAY by Michel Abehsera
Living Clay by Perry A

This booklet was first published in October 2003. For more details or to have specific questions answered, the author may be contacted at:

Neal Bosshardt
P.O. Box 188
Redmond, UT 84652

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