Thursday, June 30, 2011

Easy Snack Bag Tutorial

Instead of spending money for someone else to make ... Use your scraps and make your own Snack Bags.

As an aside note. WHAT IF ... prices on everything just keeps going up, but your wages don't go up to meet the rising prices? Do you see that happening? Then make what you can and buy what you can't. I remember a  slogan.  Buy hard, sew easy. This is a "sew easy" project. Depending how old you are or where you live in the world. You may remember a time before plastic sandwich bags, when everything was wrapped in waxed paper, put in glass bowls, or foil. 
Many catalogs and now stores sell many bags to store items in your cupboards or lunch sacks. Below you will find simple instructions with pictures to sew your own. Also an added benefit is it keeps plastic off of your food, which we know does nothing but harm to the body. You can also make them bigger for sandwiches. Easy to wash and either throw in the dryer or hang to dry in the sun.

I found this tutorial today and thought you may be interested.


Have you seen the eco friendly snack bags everyone is selling now?
Why not use up a few of your scraps and make your own?

Here's my version....

I wanted mine to have a lining and no raw edges inside - here is what I came up with.
My measurements are for a small bag. You can make yours any size you like.
I used  1/4 seams for all.

Cut 2 pieces for your outside fabric - 6 1/2" X 6"
Cut 2 lining pieces  - 6 1/2" X 6"
Velcro - 5 1/2 inches long - cut in half lengthwise

With right sides together stitch a piece of lining and outside fabric together across the top.

Repeat for the other two pieces.

You should have something that looks like this.
Pressing the seams open.

Measure in 1/2 inch from each side on the lining piece for the Velcro placement.
(I use spray adhesive to hold the Velcro in place while sewing)

You will be sewing the rough hook surface to one lining and the fuzzy hook surface on the other lining.
Zig zag all around the edges of the Velcro to hold it in place.
The Velcro should be centered from side to side on the lining side.

With right sides together and matching up your seams, stitch all the way around leaving a small opening in the lining side for turning.

Turn right side out, tuck in the 1/4 seam you left open and press.

Sew across the bottom of the lining - sewing the opening closed.

Tuck the lining inside

Press and topstitch around the top of the bag

Stitch another seam 1/4" down from the topstitch; this will  make it easier to open and close your snack bag.

Your finished bag should look like this...

And the inside....


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