Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rocket Stoves - Use a small amount of twigs to get a huge amount of heat.

A great idea when using your Rocket Stove is to light it by using long taper candles to light your twigs. It will save you on matches and frustration. Or to be really provident ... roll up a sheet of newspaper, light the end and use it to light the twigs. A long piece of cardboard will do the same thing. 

We purchased the Stove-tech rocket stove, but there are others out on the market.

Here are the links:
http://www.stovetec.net/us/index.php - we purchased the 2 door stove


or follow the plans on this site to make your own.

Tom has built a few rocket stoves. He even built one out of one of those Popcorn Tins they sell around the holidays every year. Almost any metal container can be used. Build your own and save a lot of money. You want to know the difference between a home built and a store bought rocket stove?

The price! They work exactly the same. So, be provident and build your own.

Tom found most everything he needed at Cal-Ranch, except of course the metal container. If you can get one of the old metal wheat cans they work great.  Keep in mind that any sturdy metal container will do the job. If you have questions about building one, ask him about some tricks he learned while building them. 

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