Saturday, September 3, 2011

Results from four alternative ways to bake bread

Melody Barber passes this experience on to everyone. - So, my son wanted scones today and we were feeling ambitious so we made a big batch of wheat bread dough and tried different cooking methods.

For the Control Group - We fried scones in coconut oil on the gas stove -- Yummy!

Baked in an applebox oven -- turned out great, a little over cooked. We had a thermometer in there to monitor the temp while cooking. We used ten charcoals After preheating the oven for ten minutes, the temp was 360 degrees. So when we put the bread in, it was 360 degrees, but it ended up at 350 degrees when we took the bread out 35 minutes later. The oven was still cooking at 325 degrees 1 hour after putting the charcoals in and after opening the oven twice to put the bread in, then out. After 1 1/2 hours the oven was still at 300 degrees, at 2 hours it was 250, at 3 hours it was 150 and still had small coals burning.

Steamed in a wonderbox -- turned out fabulous. We left it in the hot water to rise then boiled it for ten minutes and kept it in the wonderbox for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Baked in Global Sun Oven -- turned out great. Used a cast iron bread pan. The oven was at 320 degrees and it took 45 minutes to bake. We did not start baking until 2:15, so the oven might have gotten hotter earlier in the day.

Baked in a solar windshield funnel cooker -- did not turn out so well. Put it in at the same time as the Sun Oven, but had poorer results. The middle sunk and we kept it in for about 1 hour. It did not come out of the pan well. I used a cast iron bread pan like with the Sun Oven. Next time I will try it covered with another bread pan or in a black roasting pan to see if that helps. Steven Jones cooked bread in a canning jar. I may try that too.  I'd love to hear how others have successfully baked bread in the solar funnel cooker.

It was fun and great to have so much success.

Now that you have read about her scone experiment, go out and experiment yourself with muffins, chicken, biscuits, cake, potatoes, or whatever. Try different methods of cooking. Use the "What If", what if the prophets are right and we have to live without power for an extended length of time. Then again, what if we are spared that extended "fun" experience? Well, you have just gained skills you can pass on to others, and you can breath a deep sigh of relief.

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