Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine - By Kenneth Moravec

If we are so unfortunate that we have an biological attack then you will want to quarantine yourself and family. Don't think it can't happen; and don't be embarrassed that everyone will think you are crazy. Nope! You are protecting your family. Read the following short article on quarantining. If you are wise and choose to be prepared you will also print up a sign to post in your window that states "This House Is Under Self-Quarantine". Add a skull and crossbones to make it look even more menacing. 

Kenneth Moravec has worked extensively in the military with biological weaponry.  He knows his stuff.  Bottom line:  When it hits--stay home!

Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine

I have been ask repeatedly on how to quarantine properly and so this is being written to take care of that question. I guess the first thing we need to consider is why we are quarantining. Remember quarantine is due to a biological event and not a chemical or nuclear. For these last two you should be sheltering in place. A proper quarantine will protect you from what ever it is you are trying to protect against henceforth there will be different stages of quarantine. 

1. The first and most basic stage is to go home lock the doors and stay there. DO NOT try to seal up your home with duct tape and plastic as you will not have enough oxygen to breath within a very short time. This method is used for chemical events where you need to be indoors for a very short period of time. 

Most quarantines will last days if not weeks and months. At this stage you can actually go out in to your front yard or back yard and breathe the air just fine just as long as you do not breathe someone else's air that might be infected with an airborne communicable disease or virus. This could include certain animals and insects all depending on what the biological is. All infected people should remain a good distance (minimum 20 feet) away from you and anyone else sheltering with you. Anyone (again including certain animals) that has been in a possibly infected area should be kept separate (quarantined separate) from you until they have sought proper medical attention (if it is available) and been cleared or they have run the course of waiting the required length of time to be sure that symptoms will or will not show up. 

Remember in most biologicals symptoms do not show up for several days. For mothers and other care givers wishing to attend infected persons, especially children, during this time a full biological protection mask, gown, and gloves should be used and then disposed of properly. This really should be avoided at all costs but trying to tell a mother she cannot care for her children is sometimes near to impossible. Exposure time should be set at a bare minimum. 

The proper shielding garments to be worn would be a disposable non-breathable (Tyvek) suit (available at most paints stores), a tight fitting (with two straps) N-95 or N-100 dust mask, and latex or rubber gloves. All of this needs to be disposable. A better face mask with biological filters is suggested. It is important to remain quarantined for the suggest length of time that the certain biological requires. This will vary from biological to biological. This means no going to the store or to work or church or school or . . . STAY HOME. 

2. The second stage is for more serious conditions where being around certain biologicals, even on the other side of a locked door, posses a more serious problem. Usually at this stage a gas mask with a biological filter is needed instead of a simple N-95 dust mask. Be wary of official warnings as when to move to this level.

3. The third stage is the most serious and nothing other than a level one suit is required. Again be wary of official warning as when to move to this level although the common citizen should never be involved with such procedures that would require this level. What more can I say about  this other than . . . STAY HOME. 

If you prepare now you can do this. It really is not that hard.

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