Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What If ... What if we had a Biological Attack or an Pandemic?

If we had a biological attack or a pandemic it is important to maintain impeccable personal hygiene. We don't even have to experience such a horrible event to know that these simple steps are important for everyday life. We shouldn't be waiting until illness strikes to keep on top of healthy habits.

Kenneth Moravec who has over 20 years of experience in the field of Nuclear/ Biological Weaponry, knows what he is talking about and if we are now or later looking at the possibility of an actual pandemic, then what he says below are words to live by.  Adults and children should be taught to maintain healthy standards of hygiene.

Impeccable personal hygiene

I have been asked a few times what do I mean when I say "maintain impeccable personal hygiene practices". So let's list a few.
  • wash your hands (no don't wash . . . scrub) with antibacterial soap thoroughly before every meal and after touching questionable surfaces. Sing in your head the alphabet song twice while washing. That should be sufficient time. 
  • when using public restrooms use the paper seat guards for the toilets.
  • wash your hands before and after you touch intimate body parts while relieving yourself.
  • after washing your hands in a public restroom try to use paper towels when provided. When you are done drying your hands use the towel to open the door and then dispose of your towel.
  • sneeze or cough into your armpit or elbow. Don't use your hands to cover your faces when sneezing or coughing.
  • carry a handkerchief with you and use it when needed. Wash it when you come home. Don't save it for another day or another person. If you don't have handkerchief carry a wad of toilet paper or Kleenex packages.
  • don't share eating utensils or dinnerware or towels,
  • in greeting someone I would prefer at a 20' distance but shake elbows if you must come in close.
  • alcohol hand gels and wipes are okay to use but they should not be your only source of keeping your hands clean. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently then use the alcohol gel or wipe.
  • brush your teeth like your dentist wants you to after every meal.
  • when touching questionable surfaces (especially in public) never touch your face afterwards.
  • when the environment is questionable (possible outbreak) use an N95 dust mask and gloves and then go straight home.
  • bathe regularly.
  • sanitize "touchable" surfaces in your home like door knobs, toilet handles, cold and hot water handles, etc.
The solution to pollution is dilution.

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