Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a thought .... Are growing conditions right?

Have you been trying to grow a garden and have not been seeing stellar results? Just think about how this strange weather is playing out around the globe. 

If you aren't able to grow, do you think the farmers have some magic beans that grow better than yours? Or maybe some giant umbrella they put up over the wheat crops? Or even better .... maybe they have a giant fan that just blows the bad weather away and they only have sunny skies, singing blue birds, dancing ducks, and everything is just perfect on the happy farm.

Think again. Farmers across the globe are dealing with terrible weather conditions. Conditions that is making it difficult or impossible to grow our food. Flooding, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, you name it, they have been experiencing it. If the whole world is experiencing adverse weather, and can't grow enough food then we are in for a wild ride.

Now just may be an excellent time to follow the prophets and obtain your food storage. 

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