Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Living and ancient prophets have warned us repeatedly that destructive events will occur in our day. By preparing ourselves both temporally and spiritually, we will be ready to respond to these emergencies or disasters.

Anyone who knows Kenneth Moravec recognizes his name as an authority on Nuclear attacks and how to protect yourself. This is his list, I received from a handout at a class I attended where he taught. 


  • If time permits, check all of the things on the list.
  • If time does not permit, start from the top and work down.
  • Do not panic.
  • Think through the consequences of all your actions.
  • Gather your family together.
  • Turn on a television or battery powered radio (for official broadcasts).
  • Begin taking a “Thyroid Blocking Agent (Potassium Iodide - KI)” follow the instruction on the bottle.
  • Go to the basement or lowest or center-most part of the house or building.
  • Build a shelter. (if one does not already exist) 
  • Turn off the gas or propane.
  • Turn off the electricity.
  • Fill all tubs, basins, and empty containers (preferably with lids) with water.
  • Turn off the water.
  • Bring filled water containers all non-perishable foods into your shelter (enough for 3 weeks).
  • Bring sanitation measures and items into your shelter.
  • Bring clothing, bedding, and sanitary supplies into your shelter.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Fill all basement window wells with sand, dirt, books, or any other dense material. Either from the outside or inside on the window ledge depending on how much time you have.
  • Turn off and cover chimneys, air conditioners, vents, etc. to prevent fallout from coming inside.
  • Close all drapes, curtains and blinds to reflect the flash of the blast and discourage burglars.
  • Go to or send one person to the nearest food store with all available cash to buy all of the non-perishable food that they can, if you do not have a food storage in place.
  • Disconnect or lower all antennas, over 12", and unplug all electric and electronic equipment.
  • Bring into your shelter an axe, pry-bars, and shovel (in case you have to dig your way out).
  • Bring into your shelter legal documents.
  • Board up all windows and doors.
  • Prepare your house as if you were preparing for a tornado or hurricane and an earthquake.
  • Pick all ripe (not green) fruit and bring into shelter for immediate consumption.
  • Cover all outside fuel sources (i.e. firewood, coal, etc.) with plastic or heavy canvas.
  • Dig a deep hole down-hill from your water sources and future garden spots for waste disposal.
  • Empty and unplug all refrigerators and freezers of food (either discard it or eat it) and leave it open (to prevent mildew, a can of open ground coffee will help.).
  • Secure all breakables, pictures, water heaters, china closets, vases, etc.
  • Bring in or secure all lawn furniture, toys, and equipment.
  • Fill all cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorbikes, chainsaws, etc., with fuel.
  • Move an lock up cars and trucks into garages or carports, or other secured areas then disconnect and remove the battery and any C.B. or HAM radios and bring them inside.
  • Gather together all gardening supplies into one secure place.
  • Cover all furniture, carpets, and rugs with plastic or dust cloths.
  • Take a good bath. It may be your last for a while.
  • Eat a good hot meal. It may also be your last for a while.
  • Recheck food, water, sanitary supplies, bedding, and clothing in your shelter.

update: 21Jan09 This is information from Kenneth Moravec

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