Thursday, May 26, 2011

Retained Heat - Haybox Cooking - Links to Turn of the Century Recipe books

I found these links on the internet for Retained Heat Cookers. Recipes, Instructions, and information about cooking at the turn of the century. The 1900's not the 2000's.

Book of Caloric Recipes

The Fireless Cooker

Meals That Cook Themselves and Cut the Costs

The Sentinel Book of Automatic Cooking

Book of Caloric Fireless Cookstove Recipes

The Fireless Cookbook; a Manual of the Construction and Use of Appliances for Cooking by Retained Heat

The Duplex Cookbook, Containing Full Instructions For Cooking With the Duplex Fireless Stove

The Fireless Cooker; How to Make It, How to Use it, What to Cook

Simple Cooking of Wholesome Food for the Farm House

A treatise on the management of the Thermatic fireless cooker, together with over 250 carefully selected recipes

Superior fireless cookery

Fireless cooker recipes

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